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What Are The Most Popular KPIs in PR? Read Our Groundbreaking Report

Using a treasure trove of data, we’ve unlocked the secrets of how PR agencies and in-house teams and freelancers across

PR Reporting Template (A Must-Have For PR Pros)

The best PR reporting template will ensure you measure what matters and set the scene for the future. Here’s how the perfect template should look.

PR professional on laptop

5 Key PR Reporting Trends In 2021

As we onboard new customers or provide training to existing ones, we’re lucky enough to cast our eyes over a

Happy executive standing at desk

5 Ways To Make Executives Care About Comms

A surprising number of Comms leaders ask us how they can make their Execs care more about what they do.

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8 Ways Comms Can Help Other Teams to Raise Their Game

Every Comms team wants to provide value to the business it serves. Showcasing coverage is one way of doing this.

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How To Demystify Comms Once And For All

Comms teams are engaged in an ongoing struggle to explain what they do and why it matters to the business.