What Are The Most Popular KPIs in PR? Read Our Groundbreaking Report

Using a treasure trove of data, we’ve unlocked the secrets of how PR agencies and in-house teams and freelancers across the world are measuring PR success behind closed doors. Sorry, we couldn’t resist a dramatic entrance!

While many people use anecdotal evidence to explain how PR measurement has changed over the years, we’ve taken a different approach. With over six years of hard data at our disposal, we wanted to see whether industry opinions matched reality. For instance, it’s easy to say that nobody is using AVE anymore – but what does the data tell us about the use of this metric?

AVE is just one example of a metric we have tons of data on. You name it, we’ve covered it in the report. When PR agencies and in-house teams use Releasd as a PR reporting tool, they are given the freedom and flexibility to create their own KPIs. Over the last six years, more than 400,000 individual KPIs have been used on our platform, giving us plenty to analyse.

We’ve left no stone unturned in our attempt to uncover the most popular KPIs in PR using real-world data. As we’ve facilitated the creation of more than 400,000 individual KPIs across 100,000 PR reports, we’re in a unique position to report on emerging trends and push back on industry-wide assumptions. We’ve produced a 30-page report covering all you need to know.

What is included in the report?

The report breaks down how PR agencies and in-house teams are using different types of PR metrics in their reports to clients and executives. To see how things have changed over time, we compared the KPIs created in the full year of 2015 with those created in 2021. The results were eye-opening. The report offers data-backed insights and conclusions on a range of metrics.

These are just a few of the questions we’ve covered in the report:

  • How are PRs choosing to evaluate their work?
  • Which PR KPIs are becoming more popular?
  • Do these KPIs align with industry best practices?
  • Is AVE still in use?

How was the data sourced?

Six years of PR agencies and in-house teams using our PR reporting tool successfully yielded over 400,000 individual KPIs from more than 100,000 reports. Within those reports were 1.5 million pieces of PR content, including social media posts and articles. In some cases, we have used these pieces of PR content to provide context in the report.

Why does this report matter?

While the report uses real-world data to reflect on the past, it offers key insights into emerging PR measurement trends. If you want to see how other PR professionals are choosing to measure their success behind closed doors, you should take a read through our report.

How can you access the report?

Are PRs measuring their success in the way you think?

We’ve got the answers. Access the report for free here.