8 Ways Comms Can Help Other Teams to Raise Their Game

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Every Comms team wants to provide value to the business it serves. Showcasing coverage is one way of doing this. But there is another, more novel approach we’re seeing across our client base.

The desire to prove the value of Comms is hard-wired into every PR.

This has been traditionally achieved by showcasing coverage. That’s not going to change any time soon.  But there is another way.

Empowered by the ability to share the full spectrum of their work in a concise and actionable format, many of our clients are also proving their worth by focusing on how they can help other teams do their jobs more effectively.

Many of our more forward-thinking clients are proving their worth by focusing on how they can help other teams do their jobs more effectively.

Here are the 8 most common ways in which we’re seeing this happening:

1. Helping Executives make better decisions

Sharing a curated summary of business-critical coverage helps to protect the business against disruption and enables leadership to innovate more quickly.
Read our review of IBM & PwC’s research on this trend, or learn about Criteo‘s approach to Executive engagement.

2. Helping commercial teams sell more

Proving a live snapshot of product or service specific coverage, plus valuable collateral, ensures that Commercial teams are fully briefed, and have the ammunition they need to push prospects through the sales funnel.
Hear Aurelie Kane, Communications and Corporate Affairs Director at Pernod Ricard, discuss how they do this in practice.

3. Helping partners evaluate the relationship

Sharing key coverage with sponsors, ambassadors and other key partners ensures they can easily see the value of their relationship with your business.
See how ATP Tour’s Comms team demonstrates the value of its work to tournaments, sponsors and the world’s top players. 

4. Helping field staff stay informed

Ensuring that front line personnel are in the loop builds pride and a greater sense of loyalty.
Hear Simon Dornan, Head of Consumer PR at Dixons Carphone discuss how his team engages over 20,000 front line personnel.


PR's Stakeholder Universe

PR’s Stakeholder Universe

5. Helping the business create better products and services

Sharing influencer reviews and reactions, alongside competitor insights, ensures that decisions relating to the business’s products and services are as informed as possible.
More detail on this use case here.

6. Helping Marcomms adopt best practice

Sharing wins with colleagues across the marketing function helps everyone raise their game.
More detail on this use case here.

7. Helping HR attract the best talent

Sharing positive coverage and supporting content gives HR a reason to post on owned channels like Linkedin and Twitter.
More detail on this use case here.

8. Helping the media write better stories

Providing press releases and supporting multimedia content in an engaging and actionable format helps influencers tell your story more effectively.
More detail on this use case here.

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