Public Relations Portfolio (Present The Perfect Portfolio)

A public relations portflio should include case studies, client testimonials and plenty of PR KPIs. Here's why.

A public relations portfolio, also known as credentials, can make or break a PR firm’s chances of landing a client.

It’s a crucial resource that showcases a PR firm’s capabilities and successes. Crafting a strong public relations portfolio is essential to winning new business. This guide will break down how PRs can produce a portfolio that will make a lasting impression on potential clients.

When a PR firm is pitching to a new client, the first thing they’ll be asked for is their portfolio. The potential client wants to see the type of work the PR firm has done in the past, along with the results they have achieved. This is where a PR firm’s portfolio comes in.

What is a public relations portfolio?

A PR firm’s portfolio is a collection of its best work, highlighting the results they have achieved for clients. It’s important that the portfolio is up-to-date and features the firm’s most recent and impressive work. Creating a PR portfolio can be a daunting task, but it’s worth taking the time to get it right. The right public relations portfolio will make a lasting impression on potential clients.

Why does a PR online portfolio matter?

In the face of fierce competition, a public relations portfolio is often the difference between winning and losing a pitch. Those who want to fight for new business will readily pull out all the stops to create an online portfolio that will engage prospective clients and set their imaginations alight. They can start dreaming up the perfect campaign as they scroll through the portfolio.

A well-crafted public relations portfolio showcases a PR firm’s successes and demonstrates its ability to deliver results. The resource can also differentiate a PR firm from its competitors. By presenting a strong portfolio, a PR firm can make a case for why it is well-positioned to meet the needs of a potential client and deliver a show-stopping campaign.

What should be included in a PR portfolio?

Media Coverage

A PR firm’s portfolio should also include examples of the media coverage they have generated for their clients. This could be in the form of print, online or broadcast media. Select a handful of the most impressive pieces and use them to showcase the PR firm’s ability to secure premium and highly-desirable media placements. The key here is to ensure that the coverage is relevant to the brand in question, providing peace of mind to the potential client.

Client Testimonials

Nothing speaks louder than a satisfied client. A PR firm’s portfolio should include testimonials from happy clients. Social proof from clients in the same (or similar) industries will resonate with prospective clients facing similar challenges. They should picture themselves in the shoes of the clients featured and feel as though the PR firm genuinely understands their needs.

Case Studies

Case studies are an excellent way to show off the results a PR firm has achieved for its clients. They provide a detailed account of the campaigns that were run and the objectives that were met (or exceeded). Be sure to include numbers and statistics to back up the claims made in the case study. This will give readers a better understanding of the scope and scale of the work.

Strong PR KPIs

To show that the PR firm is results-driven, include some popular public relations KPIs in the portfolio. By sharing some numbers, the PR firm will demonstrate its ability to drive tangible results for its clients. If you are not sure what to share, start by reading through our groundbreaking report on the most popular PR KPIs for client reports in 2022.

How The Best Public Relations Portfolio Examples Stand Out

Most PR firms now have an online presence, and many of them use their website to showcase their portfolio. This is the most convenient way for potential clients to view the work that has been done and get a feel for the results that have been achieved. Some PR firms also leverage interactive portfolios, filled with videos, infographics and other engaging content.

How do I start a PR portfolio?

PR teams can use a platform like a Releasd to showcase coverage, metrics and content to prospective clients. While Releasd is typically used by public relations firms to provide clients with monthly reports, the platform is equally equipped to help firms produce stunning portfolios. Using automated metrics, you can present a PR portfolio that updates in real time. Here’s an example PR portfolio/credentials page.

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