Public Relations Platforms (10 Best Options)

Are you looking for the best public relations platforms?

When it comes to accelerating workflows and delivering better experiences for either clients or management, digital platforms are invaluable to PR professionals.

With the right set of tools in their corner, PRs can stay ahead of the game and on top of their brief. We’ve rounded up a list of 10 public relations platforms for teams to consider.

Carefully selecting a handful of useful platforms is the best way to leverage digital technology. The last thing PRs want is a situation where they are trying to unify dozens of disconnected platforms just to stay productive.

Here are just some use cases for public relations platforms:

  • Develop engaging coverage reports.
  • Create PR media kits and supporting resources.
  • Receive notifications for media mentions.
  • Identify the contact details for media professionals.
  • Respond to journalist and media queries.

That’s only scratching the surface. Let’s take a look at 10 popular public relations platforms.

Best Public Relations Platforms (10 Options)

1 – Releasd

Releasd is an online coverage reporting tool that enables PR teams to present their work in a visually engaging format to either clients or management.

PRs can track a mix of automated metrics in the platform, breaking down social engagement and content views. As the data updates in real time, teams can share all the latest data with clients or management without having to repopulate their coverage reports.

Yes, we’re biased, but Releasd is the perfect addition to a PR tool stack. Showcasing the scope and breadth of modern PR activities is made easy with Releasd. The platform’s drag-and-drop tool enables teams to create value-packed coverage reports in no time at all.

2 – BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo brings plenty to the table as a source of insights and intelligence. Public relations teams can use BuzzSumo to gain a stronger understanding of their campaign’s audience and quickly identify high-performing content from across a range of different channels.

3 – HootSuite

As a popular social media management tool, HootSuite provides you with a centralized dashboard to monitor multiple accounts for different channels. The platform also comes with analytics tools, offering critical insights into social interactions, such as likes, shares, and comments. This makes it easy for PRs to see what content is performing.

4 – Prowly

When it comes to finding relevant media contacts, Prowly offers a database of over 1,000,000 contacts to PRs. This database includes journalists from regional, national and international media outlets. PRs can use the data to begin building targeted media lists.

5 – Prezly

Prezly enables PRs to publish, distribute and analyse stories. Using the platform, PRs can create email campaigns from scratch and begin pitching 1-to-1 or en masse to journalists on their email lists. Prezly can track recipient behaviour and send follow-up emails based on certain triggers. Prezly provides teams with data on KPIs such as open rates and click-through rates.

6 – Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an easy-to-use tool for tracking all brand mentions. When keywords related to your brand are mentioned online, Google Alerts will send a notification to the user. This is the case for any type of content. From news articles and blogs to social media posts, Google Alerts can track it all. This tool is ideal for those looking to stay ahead of the conversation.

7 – Brandwatch

Brandwatch is an all-encompassing social media monitoring tool with detailed analysis and insights. When it comes to identifying emerging trends and tracking performance, Brandwatch offers the features needed to track campaign performance in an increasingly fast-moving world. 

8 – Canva

Canva is widely used across many different industries and sectors as a graphic design tool. In the PR world, teams are using Canva for creating media releases and pitching stories. Gone are the days of needing design experience to pull together a compelling visual document. Canva equips PRs with a range of pre-made templates for press kits and coverage reports.

9 – Help A Reporter

Help A Reporter (also known as HARO) gives PRs direct access to journalists working on stories for media outlets. Every day, the platform sends out an email containing requests from journalists working on specific stories. In most cases, the journalists are looking for comments from industry professionals. PRs can respond to these requests and land valuable coverage.

10 – ResponseSource

ResponseSource offers a similar setup to HARO – with a constant stream of journalist requests. Journalists post their queries on the platform and potential sources respond accordingly. The platform tracks responses so PRs can see if they are successful or not. PRs often use HARO and RepsonseSource in tandem to maximise the chances of coverage.

Best Public Relations Platforms (Closing Thoughts)

That’s all folks! 10 public relations platforms to support PRs in delivering for either clients or management. For those who do not know where to begin, take Releasd for a test drive. This next-generation coverage reporting tool can help showcase campaigns in their best possible light. Sign up for a free trial and demo today. Let’s get the ball rolling!