Media Kit Examples (How To Improve Press Kits)

The best media kit examples are interactive. These are created using digital tools. Here's how you can build the best media kit.

When it comes to securing coverage, an all-encompassing media kit can be an essential tool for PR teams looking to engage busy journalists and influencers. Conversely, the absence of an effective and engaging media kit can have significant consequences on the ability to secure coverage. To hit the right note with a press kit, we can draw inspiration from existing press kit examples.

In this guide, we will break down what a media kit should contain in 2022 and how PR professionals can leverage this critical asset, in order to successfully secure streams of high-quality media coverage!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What is a media kit?
  • What should a media kit contain in 2022?
  • How can media kits impact PR campaigns?
  • Where can you find a PR kit sample?
  • How can PRs improve their press kits?

What is a media kit?

A media kit is a pack that contains everything a journalist or influencer needs to know about a business, product or event. This resource can play a pivotal role in helping media professionals produce stories. With the support of a media kit, PRs can establish a clear narrative and steer journalists or influencers towards the right supporting content.

One underrated benefit of a compelling media kit is to actually catch the attention of journalists. Pitted against a flood of emails crammed with copy, links and attachments, a well-crafted media kit can stand out from the crowd and compel a busy journalist to take a closer look.  The media kit then acts as a one-stop-shop for information about the client and their story.

Typically, press releases and supporting content have been shared via email. These emails take time to compile – think multiple attachments, links to social channels and downloadable assets. Journalists and influencers are inundated with such emails, so this approach often does more harm than good for all parties.

Fortunately, a strong online media kit can solve this problem by replacing this unholy mess with a single URL that links to a webpage from which the recipient can download everything they need. Lovely!

What should a media kit contain in 2022?

While a media kit must include everything a journalist or influencer needs to know about a story, sprawling packs with too much information can kill things off before they’ve started. The best media kit examples are concise, yet contain all of the information necessary to generate an article or post. This saves unnecessary back-and-forth between the parties. Win-win.

Regardless of how you present a media kit, it should contain the following as a minimum:

  • To capture attention, a brief summary of the client’s story and why it matters to the recipient and their specific audience
  • A press release and boilerplate with succinct quotes from relevant parties (of course)
  • Supporting content, for example, images of people or key branding elements
  • The PR’s contact details

OK, nothing too surprising there, but here are some other elements we’ve seen being incorporated into online media kits much more frequently:

  • Relevant social media activity
  • Interactive charts and graphs (from sites like Datawrapper or Infogram)
  • Video content, for example, a summary of the story from a spokesperson

With access to the right media kit tools, PRs can produce really helpful resources to share with journalists and influencers to increase their chances of securing coverage. Thanks to its flexibility, many Releasd users leverage the platform to quickly generate compelling media kits.

How can media kits impact PR campaigns?

In summary, here are some of the key benefits of utilising a digital media kit in a PR campaign:

  • Makes life easier for all parties, reducing friction and increasing the odds that a story will get published
  • Enables PRs to quickly communicate the relevance of a client to a media outlet’s audience
  • Establishes key talking points for journalists to explore in interviews with the client
  • Provides a clear and simple call-to-action or ‘next step’

When all essential information is found in a centralised location, it makes it easy for journalists to make an informed decision about whether they wish to pursue the story.

What are the best media kit examples?

Releasd gives PR teams the ability to produce media kits with interactive components – taking sell-ins to another level. Clients have found it really useful for bigger pitches with lots of content. Here’s an example media kit created with Releasd for inspiration:

How can PRs improve their press kits?

Embracing digital tools to produce interactive press kits can support the delivery of client pitches to journalists and influencers. To gain a competitive advantage in the flooded inboxes of media professionals, PRs need access to cutting-edge tools to elevate their client pitches and unlock new coverage opportunities.

Ready to get started? Book a 15-minute Releasd demo today to see how it can be used for media kits, reporting and new business.