Best PR Software (Our 10 Online PR Software Picks)

The best PR software solutions on the market allow public relations teams to accelerate their workflows and improve client experiences.

With the right PR software solution in their corner, rich data can be leveraged and solid decisions can be made for example. From launching new PR campaigns to client reporting, software can play a role at every stage of the process.

If PRs do not have access to the right set of PR software solutions, they may struggle to deliver for clients or executives and ultimately fail to meet expectations. Effective PR agencies and in-house Communications teams equip themselves with a solid technology stack of PR tools and apps. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of PR software solutions on the market? We have created a list of the best 10 best PR software solutions available. These really are the cream of the crop. Rather than investing in a disjointed technology stack with dozens of apps and tools that fail to sync – take a minimalist approach and start with just a handful of tools.

Here are just a few high-level use cases of PR software solutions:

  • Identify contact details for media professionals
  • Develop PR media kits and additional materials
  • Respond to journalist queries at scale
  • Receive notifications for media mentions
  • And of course – create engaging coverage reports for clients and executives

That’s really just scratching the surface. Let’s take a closer look at 10 PR software solutions.

Best PR Tool (Consider These 10 Solutions)

1 – Releasd

Yes, we are a bit biased here. When it comes to reporting back on the full scope of modern Comms activities, PRs need to create something highly visual and concise, with metrics and contextual information that ensure it all makes sense.

Nobody wants to sift through pages and pages of a bland document. Using Releasd, PR teams can leverage automated metrics, detailing social engagement and content views, to share data with clients in real-time.

PR agencies can use the drag-and-drop design tool on Releasd to produce eye-grabbing coverage reports in no time at all. 

With Releasd, PRs can fit a full range of metrics onto a single report page. This means every coverage report is value-packed with actionable insights and data.

2 – Prowly

Prowly is a PR platform that allows users to create and distribute press releases, connect with media professionals, and begin measuring the effectiveness of their PR campaigns. Prowly’s platform includes a media database, press release distribution tools, and analytics to track the reach of press releases. This is a useful tool for PR agencies looking to streamline distribution.

3 – Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a social media management platform that offers PR and communication tools, including monitoring, content scheduling, and influencer identification. The solution also includes analytics to measure the reach and impact of social media campaigns.

4 – Meltwater

Meltwater is designed to help PR professionals monitor media coverage and complete lightning-fast analysis. PRs can track keywords related to topics that matter to them and build a clear picture of campaign performance for each client.

5 – BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo can provide PR agencies with plenty of useful insights and intelligence to inform their efforts going forward. PRs can use the tool to gain a solid understanding of their audience, identify top-performing content and pinpoint influencers related to their client’s industry that they can potentially build influencer marketing campaigns around.

6 – HootSuite

HootSuite is immensely popular as a social media management tool. PR agencies can monitor different client accounts from one single dashboard and schedule social media posts ahead of time. HootSuite extensive analytics offer valuable insights into likes, shares and comments for each social media post. This enables PRs to gauge how content is performing.

7 – Muck Rack

Muck Rack is another popular solution for tracking press mentions and connecting with journalists. PRs can use their dashboard on Muck Rack to begin identifying key opportunities that they may want to explore further. Muck Rack allows PR teams to find the contact information of media professionals and connect with these people directly to pitch campaign coverage.

8 – Cision

Cision is a well-regarded PR and communication platform that enables PRs to monitor campaign performance and see what actually drives successful outcomes. Teams can unlock access to a full range of data and begin using this to inform their decision-making going forward. When it comes to building effective campaigns, a tool like this can make all the difference.

9 – Help A Reporter

Help A Reporter, also widely referred to as HARO, enables PRs to connect directly with journalists and answer their queries. HARO sends daily emails to PRs that include a list of requests from journalists who are looking for pitched content and sources for upcoming stories. PRs can then respond to these requests and land online mentions as a result.

10 – ResponseSource

In a similar way to HARO, ResponseSource presents PRs with a never-ending list of journalist requests. Journalists simply post their queries and PRs can position clients as sources. Using the ResponseSource interface, PRs can easily see if their pitches are successful or not. This platform is an easy way for PRs to get their client’s stories in front of all the right journalists.

Best PR Software Solution (Closing Thoughts)

That’s all folks! 10 public relations software solutions that can elevate an agency’s technology stack. As a next-generation coverage reporting tool, Releasd is a must-have for any agency.

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