PR budget holders are not PR people.

The Founders, the Board, the C-Suite. It’s time to help them better understand what PR is and how it works. It’s time to build excitement for your creative, dynamic communications function. It’s time to move beyond the coverage report.

Communications teams around the world rely on Releasd to demonstrate the true power of PR.

  • The PR Team

    The PR Team

    Collates coverage, adds supporting content & augments with context.

  • Flow Flow
  • The Budget Holder

    The Budget Holder

    Absorbs report, gains deeper understanding of comms, increases budget.

The benefits of better comms reporting with Releasd

Demystify PR

By showcasing coverage alongside the content that yielded it, you’ll educate decision makers who may not have an innate understanding of how PR works.

Better understand

Win recognition

Gain greater influence, more resource and bigger budgets for the comms function by presenting your achievements in a format designed to engage and excite busy budget holders.

Win recognition