PR budget holders are not PR people.

The Founders, the Board, the C-Suite. It’s time to help them better understand what PR is and how it works. It’s time to build excitement for the creative, dynamic communications industry. It’s time to move beyond the coverage report.

Agencies of all sizes rely on Releasd to demonstrate the true power of PR.

  • The Agency

    The Agency

    Collates coverage, adds supporting content & augments with context.

  • Flow Flow
  • The Client

    The Client

    Reviews report,
    congratulates agency,
    passes up the chain.

  • flow flow
  • The Budget Holder

    The Budget Holder

    Absorbs report, gains deeper understanding of comms, increases budgets.

The benefits of better comms reporting with Releasd

Build client loyalty

Keep clients for longer. By empowering them to better demonstrate the value of comms, you’ll become an entrusted and indispensable partner - not just another agency.

Win new business

Unlock bigger budgets

By helping clients educate and delight their ultimate decision makers, you’ll stand the best possible chance of securing more budget and juicier briefs.

Make more money from your clients